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  • Company Danmarks Tekniske Universitet in Ballerup
    12.09.2020 Updated on: 17.09.2020

    Web development for data visualization and knowledge dissemination, frontend, backend, full stack. DTU Food, the Division for Global Surveillance, are hiring two student assistants, who will work together on developing our web interfaces and applications, where we as a research group will be visualising our data, disseminating our research, and be developing interactive online environments for the user to explore the data and perform their own analyses. The job At the research group for Genomic Epidemiology we run a variety of health-related research projects, and we wish to make web-based data visualisation, and data-interaction for the reader, a common part of our knowledge dissemination activities. For this purpose, we are seeking two student assistants, both with a full stack web dev...

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