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  • Company Danmarks Tekniske Universitet in Roskilde
    26.04.2019 Updated on: 19.05.2019

    The Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) at the Department of Electrical Engineering invites applications for two 3-year PhD positions associated with three different research projects. PhD position 1 is on aggregation of distributed energy resources with particular focus on electric vehicles (EVs) and stationary storage systems for providing ancillary services (both at distribution and transmission level) to the grid. The PhD student will contribute to the activities of two ongoing research projects (ACES and CAR) and contribute to a limited extent to the newly funded H2020 project INSULAE. Key elements of the PhD investigation will include methodologies for modeling heterogeneous sets of unidirectional and bidirectional chargers, and EVs of various sizes, subject to different driv...

  • Company Danmarks Tekniske Universitet in Other
    26.04.2019 Updated on: 19.05.2019

    DTU Physics invites you to apply for a PhD project. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled candidates to apply for a number of vacant PhD positions. The subject of your PhD project must be within one of the main research areas of the department: Experimental surface physics and catalysis Catalysis theory (New strategic activity) Computational atomic-scale materials design Neutrons and x-rays for materials physics Quantum physics and information technology Biophysics and fluids Plasma physics and fusion energy Nanoscale materials and devices (New activity transferred from DTU Nanotech) The Department of Physics is focusing on research and teaching in physics areas of fundamental interest and with clear application and innovation potentials. We embrace both projects that ...

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